Our Expat Life

It’s about time we posted something on our journey across the world as Expats considering we’ve moved so much in the last few years. We’d also like to share our adventures and what living in these countries is like in the hope that this comes in handy to the folks out there who are considering moving to these countries.

For the longest time, we’ve had a deep desire to travel and live in different parts of the world for longer than a few days or weeks. We feel like a short holiday to a new place, even as long as a month, doesn’t really give you a wholesome experience in terms of local culture and way of life. The best way to truly experience that is to live as expats.

We’ve been fortunate enough to experience this way of life in a few different countries these past few years. We didn’t necessarily plan for it to happen like this, but we’re so glad things felt into place this way though as life’s definitely gotten very interesting!

Our first stop was sunny Singapore – we lived there for a coupla years and then moved to beautiful Germany. The plan was to stick around in Deutschland longer, definitely longer than the 18 months we spent there. But, we decided to pack our bags once again and move northward to lovely Ireland.

Now, as exciting as this may seem.. moving around wasn’t all that easy – tough decisions had to be made, risks were taken, boxes had to be packed and unpacked all over again. Finding a new home, getting settled in, opening new bank accounts, figuring out the tax system – these are but only a few of the many hassles you go thru when you start afresh in a new country.

And, each country is SO unique, has its own set of quirks and customs. You might just get used to all this and start to love the place or you may never be able to adjust to some of these and will just have to make the tough decision to call it quits.

Singapore holds a special place in our hearts. It’s sort of our first love, it’s the first country we lived in when we left India. The life there was very similar in some ways, to the life back in India. Yet, it couldn’t be more different. Read here about our adventures in the beautiful little island country of Singapore.

Moving out of Singapore wasn’t an easy decision but, now in retrospect, definitely was an easier decision than moving out of Germany. We’d wanted to move to Europe at some point and we thought why not sooner than later. Our short stay in Germany was absolutely fantastic – we travelled loads, drank lots of delicious beer all around Europe, relished the sausages and other local delicacies, and made some great friends who we terribly miss. It’s a truly wonderful country and moving out of Germany was possibly one of the hardest decisions we’ve had to make in a long while. Find out more about our life in Germany and why we decided to make the move.

Although we miss Germany, we are quite pleased to have made the move to Ireland. It’s been just a little over a month but we’re already loving it here. It’s a great place and everything has been just perfect so far. The people are great – an amazing, friendly bunch. The weather – let’s just say we’re getting used to it and prefer the cold breeze here than a sweltering sunny day. And, the beer – boy, now that has been just hands down brilliant! More on our life in Ireland here.

So, for now, we take it one day a time and soak in all that beautiful Ireland has to offer!