Discovering Liquid Gold at the end of the rainbow

Whoever said “Money can’t buy Happiness” definitely wasn’t a craft beer enthusiast!

It is soon going to be 2 months since we moved to Ireland and in this short while, we have explored a great variety of outstanding craft beers from this little country! It has definitely been the best bang for our buck and we are still floating in a little cloud of joy.

What continues to amaze us the most is just how EASY it is to get good craft beer around here. There are a myriad of pubs that serve craft beer, some that serve only craft beer with no macro beers at all! Having moved from a little town in Germany, where we were starved for craft beer, Dublin has been pure bliss!

We no longer need to go scouring the little corners of the country we live in for a good pint of craft beer but walk less than a 100 metres to our friendly, neighborhood supermarket to get some of Ireland’s top-notch craft beers. And, better yet, we’ve also got an off licence store (or liquor store) that stocks the latest and greatest of craft beers from not only Ireland but all around the world. So, yeah, we are definitely in a happy place! 🙂

So far, we have tried over 70 beers from a number of breweries around Ireland (yeah, we know – more beers than the number of days we’ve been here! But hey, haven’t you heard – A beer or two a day can keep a slew of health conditions at bay!)

And, yet, we have barely scratched the surface! There is a lot more beer to be explored and enjoyed. The local breweries keep releasing limited edition small batch beers. New breweries as well seem to keep springing up ever so often. So, it seems like there’s always going to be new stuff – on tap and by bottle.

Through bold experimentation and radical flavors, the craft breweries of Ireland have carved out a prominent place for themselves in the craft beer revolution map. Ireland was already a renowned beer nation having given the world one of the greatest beers of all time – the Guinness. But, now, the country is garnering a reputation for itself among the top craft beer nations, and gaining international recognition for its impressive assortment of craft beers.

And, surely enough, there seems to be a large community of craft beer enthusiasts who not only indulge in all this amazing beer but also share their experiences with the community actively via Twitter, Instagram, podcasts and beer blogs. We had the absolute pleasure of meeting a few of these guys over the last few weeks – friendly folks who are hugely passionate about their beer – they gave us a warm welcome and lots of helpful recommendations! We have also been getting a whole bunch of recommendations from folks over Instagram. It’s been simply marvelous to connect with all these wonderful, beer-loving folks!

All in all, we are absolutely thrilled to be here in Ireland, in the midst of all this fantastic craft beer culture! We are happy to be spoilt for choice here and we look forward to making the most of it and sharing our experiences. Sláinte! 🍻


4 thoughts on “Discovering Liquid Gold at the end of the rainbow

  1. Oh my, now this is the best collection of “gold” at the end of a rainbow I’ve seen 🙂 Craft beers I consider art too, and you must be overwhelmed by the talent in front of you. Guinness is one of my favorite beers, tasting that much better when so close to St. James Gate too. Wonder, and cheers to a great trip!

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  2. Hey, thanks for the follow on my wee site, greatly appreciated. Don’t know where you were in Germany but we loved Munich. As for the craft beers, you’ll have to try Franciscan Well’s Chieftain IPA – it is seriously good and can now be bought in small cans as well as draught. It’s a Cork brew so may not be easy to get in Dublin. Alternatively when you come to Cork you can take the brewery tour at the Franciscan Well Brewery Pub. And in the UK you have to try Old Hookey (my all time favourite) from a tiny brewery in the Cotswolds. Love the combination of beer and travel, made for each other…Happy Hoppy travels, MM🍀

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    1. Thanks for reading and for all the wonderful beer suggestions! We actually went down to Cork for the Great Irish Beer Festival (hosted by Franciscan Well) and tried a whole bunch of the Cork breweries including Franciscan Well. Will check out the brewery tour on out next visit. We also went to the Dublin Irish craft beer fest this last weekend and so we’ve been exploring a whole bunch of Irish craft. Also eager to head down to the UK soon enough and will be sure to try out the Old Hookey. Thanks for the follow Mick! 🍻


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